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What Types of Shipping Containers Do You Supply?

Medi-RayTM, Inc. supplies different types of shipping containers including:

  • Lead Shipping Containers: We offer a comprehensive line of lead shipping containers to meet all of your DOT compliance and transportation safety needs. We have a wide variety of proprietary coatings, plastic encasements and specialized linings in numerous shapes and sizes.
  • Uncoated Containers: We fabricate uncoated containers and products which can be assembled into plastic or metal interior and exterior shells or forms.
  • Plastic Encased Lead Packaging: Our plastic encased lead containers come with interlocking plastic lids and bases. They have corporate logos and product identification symbols as part of the plastic encasement.
  • Coated Lead Packaging: We can accommodate a tremendous range of lead container requirements, from 1/16” walls to walls that are several feet in thickness and ranging from grams to tons in overall weight. The coated lead containers utilized for radiopharmaceuticals normally have interlocking lid/base designs and can be equipped with bottle sponges and desiccant liners.