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Nuclear Medicine Accessories


Nuclear Medicine Accessories

Nuclear Medicine Accessories

Medi-RayTM has been the largest supplier of radio-pharmaceutical shipping containers since 1974.

Nuclear Medicine Accessories 1

Medi-RayTM founders were the driving force in the development and refinement of shielded laboratory equipment and accessories for nuclear medicine. Our line of products includes numerous vial shields, syringe shields, and specialty items. Design staff personnel can develop an entire series of accessories to complement a radio-pharmaceutical product line.


Nuclear Medicine

Syringe Shields

Since its inception in 1970 Medi-RayTM has focused much of its R&D efforts into the invention and improvment of shielded laboratory apparatus that safeguard the health of clinicians in the nuclear medicine environment.

From unique syringe holders and dose calibrator shielding to waste storage containers, Medi-RayTM has combined antimonial lead, tungsten, leaded glass, and a variety of other metals and specialized coatings, to create a diverse line of specialized products to meet all your Nuclear Medicine Laboratory Apparatus needs.


Dose Calibratortitle

MR Cylinder

Dose Calibration Shielding
MR Dose Calibrator

Dose Calibration measurements are vital to the proper administration of radiopharmaceuticals and these devices require effective and specialized additional shielding to adequately protect the laboratory clinicians.

Medi-RayTM maintains a complete inventory of interlocking rings and dose calibrator shielding components.

Additionally, Medi-RayTM can quickly and economically fabricate custom shielding components for your unique dose calibration shielding needs.


Boiling Bath Beauty


A typical illustration of Medi-RayTM’s ability to meet the specific needs of nuclear medicine is our Boiling Bath Apparatus designed to fulfill a critical stage in our client’s radiopharmaceutical production process.

Boiling Bath Product

Medi-RayTM’s full staff of engineers and product development specialists are devoted to solving your unique and specific nuclear medicine shielding needs.


Square Leadstorage

Square Lead Beauty

Medi-RayTM's first generation Square Lead Storage Containers provide the heavy duty shielding, square configuration, and lockable security that may not be provided by lighter lead-lined stainless-steel configurations.

Square Lead Product

Thease heavy duty storage containers provide durability and a tremendous shielding capability and are available in 12"x12"x12" or 18"x18"x18" configutations see also: Storage & Decay Containers