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Shipping Containers


Shipping Container 1

Shipping Container 3

Medi-RayTM has been the largest supplier of radio-pharmaceutical shipping containers since 1974.

Shipping Container 2

In over thirty (30) years of product development, Medi-RayTM has revolutionized the design and production of every type of shielded medical containers.


Lead Shipping Containers

Lead Shipping Containers

Lead Processes
Mediray  Red Lead Shipping Containers
Mediray Yellow Lead Shipping Containers

Medi-Ray offers a comprehensive line of lead shipping containers to meet all your DOT compliance and transportation safety needs with a wide variety of proprietary coatings, plastic encasements and specialized linings in numerous shapes and sizes.


Uncoated Container 3

Uncoated Container 1

Medi-RayTM will fabricate uncoated containers and products which can be assembled into plastic or metal interior and exterior shells or forms. Custom pouring of lead into a customer supplied form is accommodated with shipment back to the customer within 24 hours.


Plastic Encased Lead Packaging

Plastic Encased Beauty

Plastic Encased Lead Packaging title=

Whenever off-the-shelf plastic or coated designs aren’t the customer’s preferred choice, Medi-RayTM can provide exterior plastic encasements customized to the customer’s exact dimensions and colors.

Medi-RayTM’s plastic encased leadcontainers can have interlocking plastic lids and bases, with corporate logos and product identification symbols as part of the plastic encasement.

Our emphasis is always placed on transport and handling safety, regardless of the packaging design.

MediRay Blue Box

Plastic Encased Lead Packaging 1

Plastic Encased Lead Packaging 3


Coated Lead Beauty

Coated Lead

Medi-RayTM can accommodate a tremendous range of lead container requirements from 1/16” walls to several feet in thickness and ranging from grams to tons in overall weight. The coated lead containers utilized for radiopharmaceuticals normally have interlocking lid/base designs and can come equipped with bottle sponges and desiccant liners.

Coated Lead Packaging

The proprietary coatings utilized by Medi-RayTM guarantee adhesion with no cracking or chipping as is so often found with other companies’ products.

Our containers can be coated in any PMS referenced color to provide product and brand recognition.