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Medi-Ray Services
Medi-Ray provides a fully integrated suite of in-house services resulting in a single. convenient and vertically integrated source for all your custom lead fabrication needs.
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Shipping Containers | Lead Shipping Containers
Medi-Ray offers a comprehensive line of lead shipping containers to meet all your DOT compliance and transportation safety needs with a wide variety of proprietary coatings.
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Lead Shielding Components | Medi-Ray
Whether you are shielding radioactive materials, X-Ray, CT, MRI or PET scanning equipment or the rooms that house them, Medi-Ray has the shielding components you need: sheet lead and foils, adhesive backed and coated lead materials, custom components and lead stampings.
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Lead Stamping | Lead Shielding | Medi-Ray
Lead Stamping - Medi-Ray Nuclear Medical Radiation Accessories - The leader in custom lead shielding products for medical applications and radioactive waste.
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Radiation Shielding - Metal Components
Medi-Ray's emphasis is to produce complete product assembly's to reduce customer cost and guarantee quality.
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X-Ray Shielding | Medi-Ray
Medi-Ray is the hallmark of radiation safety.Through development of nuclear shielding and products for radiopharmaceutical safety, we have promoted public safety for decades.
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Vial Shields - Medi-Ray Nuclear Medical Radiation Accessories
Vial Shields - Medi-Ray Nuclear Medical Radiation Accessories - The leader in custom lead shielding products for medical applications and radioactive waste.
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Nuclear Medicine Lab Accessories | Medi-Ray
Medi-Ray founders were the driving force in the development and refinement of shielded laboratory equipment and accessories for nuclear medicine.
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Lead Storage And Decay Containers | Medi-Ray
Medi-Ray can fabricate stainless steel lined lead storage containers to custom shapes and sizes. Custom designed handles and hinges enable Medi-Ray to provide and promote safety and durability.
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